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Hello and welcome.

Entry: 30 July 2010

Hello and welcome to this internet presence from Paul Morris Lomparski. Ever since the early beginnings of the internet (For me 1998) I have been into HTML and website design. I have far from perfected this art but I really enjoy sticking to the basics. As you can see this webpage is quite simple and does not have much to offer. In time things will be added, deleted, perfected, etc. Don't bother checking back often because as you can see this webpage isn't updated often. I just use this space as a creative outlet.

I do not aim to please so don't be upset to see no updates on your return.

Love, community, happiness! -Moe

My location: Do a google-maps search for 49.39145885383987/7.433892488479614.

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Hello and welcome

Entry: 3/16/09

This is the online presence of Paul Lomparski. Be sure to look around. This site is in progress of development. It's been a long time since I've done my own website.

I will try to post pictures, links, and info about me

I will also post information about earning your degree online and through CLEP/DSST/ECE exams.

Most helpful to me has been:

I also enjoy checking in at: Armystudyguide Community

Stay tuned for more! Laters.

So far I have completed:
CLEP German
7 FEMA Courses (PDS)
- IS230, IS235, IS242, IS241, IS240, IS244, and IS139

I am planning on completing more CLEP/DSST and FEMA courses

Link for the FEMA Courses: Click here.
The PDS courses are here: Click here.

The college I am going to is:
Thomas Edison State College (link)

Date of last update: 7/30/10